Kylie Jenner for Quay Australia

Kylie Jenner for Quay

1. Quay Australia ‘Star Struck’ sunglasses in Rose $80

2. Quay Australia ‘Purple Honey’ sunglasses in Gold $75

3. Quay Australia ‘Purple Honey’ sunglasses in Green $75

4. Quay Australia ‘Star Struck’ sunglasses in Grey $80

5. Quay Australia ‘Hidden Hills’ sunglasses in Pink $75

6. Quay Australia ‘Hidden Hills’ sunglasses in Black $75

7. Quay Australia ‘Iconic’ sunglasses in Black $75

8. Quay Australia ‘Purple Honey’ sunglasses in Purple $75

9. Quay Australia ‘Iconic’ sunglasses in White $75

Quay sunglasses are also available on Asos, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Revolve, Pacsun and Shoptiques.



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